Nostalgic Satoyama's Mt.

Kumamoto Yamaga Hirayama hot spring

"Flat mountain" and write "Hirayama". In Kyushu, Kumamoto Yamaga's Okuzashiki "Hirayama Onsen Town".  
There are scattered hot spring facilities such as an inn that can enjoy the hot spring of soup with soup in a nostalgic Satoyama landscape, drop-off hot water, family hot springs and so on.  
Boasting soft lukewarm water like slimming cosmetic essence called "beauty skin hot water". The smooth skin feel wraps the whole body and the moist feeling that it remains for a while after the hot water heals you.
Please enjoy relaxing at Hirayama Onsen.

Experience Hirayama experience


To stay

From a distance with a room bath to a reasonable mass inn

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Stop-by hot water

I visit a hot spring. You can enjoy various types of hot water of beautiful skin.

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Family family bath

Family, friends with each other. Luxury of a moment to rent a bathtub.


Break / Meal

After having enjoyed good quality hot water, eat while relaxing slowly.

A thousand bid

Megumi Senpa

Beautiful skin prayers for a thousand three hundred years!
2 places in Hirayama Onsen hot spring and a thousand-souvenir shop over 2 power spots derived from ancient times.
Now on sale at 1 sheets 1,500 yen (tax included)!

Yu Mizuki

Warm chicken

At Hirayama Onsen, we started selling Omikuji 'Warm Mizuki.' When immersing in hot spring (water) letters emerge. Let 's get in touch with God by soaking in a hot spring.
It is 1 times 300 yen (tax included).


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Deals information


Hot spring ticket

Fukuoka (Yame) ⇔ Hirayama round trip ticket
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays {0 Yen All-you-can-eat at

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Meguri Senka Memorial Product

If you hit a thousand-souvenir shopping mall, give a nice Hirayama hot spring limited item gift

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Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental
[Use time] Between 10:00 - 14:00
[Price] 1 times 200 yen / 1 times
[Available date] Hirayama Onsen Tourist Association business day only (with irregular holiday)