平山温泉のネットショップを大幅にリニューアルいたしました。 平山温泉オリジナル商品をよりお気軽にお使いいただけるように、 今後、商品を充実させて参ります。   現在、先行して、うるおい化粧水とうるおいジェルの販…

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[Earthquake related] It is open as usual


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Warm chicken

Hirayama Spring Hot Watching Meltsyu At Hirayama Onsen, we sell Omikuji 'Warm Mizuki'. "Waki Mizuki" is an interesting omikuji that is a little bit different, where Daikichi and Kokichi come up when attached to hot water. Hirayama hot spring hot spring table (1 times) 3 ...

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Megumi Senpa

Meguri Senjisa Hirayama Onsen From 13 hot springs, 2 places of bath and powerful spot historically distant from the ancient times are 2 sites. To 4 places, who are all about you, we will give you a souvenir though it is small. Those who got "hit" for the entrance seal ...

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