Yama Futokoro no Yado Ichiboku Isso

Yama Futokoro no Yado Ichiboku Isso

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Yama Futokoro no Yado Ichiboku Isso

A Japanese-style inn with a historical building revived. 1 Rooms with different designs in each room are 8 rooms, all with private baths.
The nostalgic world such as the gates and walls built by the ridge who was involved in the restoration of Yachiyoza, the entrance that relocated the historic sake brewery, the special room transferring the tea room from Hosokawa clan, the cave bath, the stained glass windows It spreads. Please enjoy delicious cuisine prepared with local ingredients every season. Please enjoy the time with the people you care about slowly.


Facility information information

  • Street address

    Kumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 4995-1

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Room charge (1 night 2 meal) ... ¥ 18,000 ~

【Week break limited plan on weekdays】 · Hall (Meal service) One person 5,000 yen ~
· Use time: 11 hour - 14 ※ The charge is the amount of "consumption tax exclusion - including service charge".
※ It is a weekly limited, fully booked system (until 5 days in advance). Please understand beforehand that it may not be available during the busy season or the day when the accommodation is crowded.

Bath only ... Adults 500, Children 250  
Available time zone: From 10:30 am until admission at 2 pm
※ It may not be available for maintenance or rental. Please acknowledge it beforehand.


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