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Megumi Sanso

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Megumi Sanso

A comfortable room that makes me think of an old private house. For women customers, yukata which can be chosen is also popular.
6 Building 1 2 Relax in the natural hot springs prepared at each distance of the room, until relaxation.
Food ingredients for Megumi Sanso's Kaiseki cuisine are sent directly to the production area. Every morning from the Ariake Sea, we boast fresh fish and beef and horse sticks sent directly from our own farm in Yamaga city. With your natural natural hot springs and meals, you just have to be bliss.


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    Kumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 5332-1

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Room charge (1 night 2 meal) ... ¥ 12,000 ~
Day trip fee (meal + public bath) ... ¥ 3,500 ~
Only bathing (Main building Misuzu) ... Adult ¥ 300, Child \ 200


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