Onsen Ryokan Okuyamaga

Onsen Ryokan Okuyamaga

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Onsen Ryokan Okuyamaga

A comfortable, smell of hot water, an old villa ground.
We are expanding hot spring facilities such as outdoor baths, hot spring baths, and jet saunas popular among women. There is also a facility that allows you to enjoy a movie in a mini-theater, with a bath.

Also, on a day trip, we offer healthy Japanese cuisine that makes use of the materials of handmade handcraft.
Seasonal seasonal creative seats to eat in Yamazato are exceptional. Kumamoto special product horse sting, Yamaga beef etc are also available.


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    Kumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 235

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Room charge (1 night 2 meal) ... ¥ 10,260 ~
Day trip fee (meal + public bath) ... ¥ 4,320 ~
Bath only ... Adult ¥ 350, Child \ 250


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