Yuyama Besso Taichi

Yuyama Besso Taichi

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Yuyama Besso Taichi

Guest room away from main building which becomes main house is private space to relax without worrying about surroundings. All rooms are separated form and equipped with two bathtubs, a total Hinoki and an open-air bath.
You can enjoy a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere like our house, tasting luxuriously prepared. There is also a refresh salon (reservation required) and a karaoke room at the large public bath where you can enjoy walking baths, sleeping wells and mist saunas.

You can also use on a day trip. Col · quore. I made the meaning of "with wholeheartedly" a restaurant name. In addition to the main space, private private rooms of 12 are also available.
We arrange hospitality, Western style, medium and numerous menus and hospitality.


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    Kumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 516-1

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Room charge (1 night 2 meal) ... ¥ 16,150 ~
Day trip fee (meal + public bath) ... ¥ 4,150 ~
Bath only ... Adult ¥ 500, Child \ 300


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