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Ryokan Zenya

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Ryokan Zenya

Newly reborn as the theme of exquisite hospitality on the vast site on Hirayama Onsen.
For guests, we have prepared guest rooms with "stylish lounge for guests" and stylish design that combines the traditional style and style of modern lifestyle, so as to heal the tiredness of travel and warmth of nature You can relax in the space where you feel relaxed.


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    Kumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 432

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Room charge (1 night 2 meal) ... ¥ 17,280 ~
Day trip (meal + public bath) ... Please inquire in detail
Family Yunomi ... ¥ 3,240 (50 min)
Bath only ... Adult 864 (junior high school student and above), dwarf \ 540 (over 3 years old)


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