The highlight of Hirayama Onsenkyo

The highlight of Hirayama Onsenkyo

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Attraction of 'Hidden Village' ~ Relaxing of the Four Seasons ~

Hirayama Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto prefecture, surrounded by wildlife with rich greenery and water.
Together with the charm weaving the four seasons quietly changing.

spring SPRING


Rape flowers and moon to the east, the sun to the west

Hirayama's 1 year begins with a scene of rape blossoms blooming all over.
The surroundings are all surrounded by yellow flowers and scents, making you feel a calm time. Sakura flowers dance along the way, and it is a great place to love the seasons.

summer SUMMER


Return to a lightful light and catch fireflies

Hirayama is famous as the village of Hotaru. When it comes to the season, a lot of Genji fireflies decorate the original landscape of Japan.
Also in the nearby Yamaga city, a famous lantern dance festival is held throughout the country.

autumn AUTUMN


Calling me of Yamahiro Evening autumn leaves

Fall of Hirayama spreading plants wrapped in deep scarlet.
Why do not you listen to the sounds of insects peculiar to the country and the sounds of autumn leaves that shimmer with breath.

winter WINTER

highlights_ fuuyu

While holding a lantern for three times

Although it is cold, the color of warmth heals the mind Hirayama's winter.
In Yamaga City in the neighborhood, events such as a lantern umbrella's object coloring the city are held.


Experience Hirayama experience


To stay

Fifteen apartments from a distance with a room bath to a reasonable mass inn

t_day 02

Day-use hot springs

I visit a hot spring. You can enjoy various types of hot water of beautiful skin.

t_family 02

Family family bath

Family, friends with each other. Luxury of a moment to rent a bathtub.


Break / Meal

After having enjoyed good quality hot water, eat while relaxing slowly.

A thousand bid

Megumi Senpa

Beautiful skin prayers for a thousand three hundred years!
2 places in Hirayama Onsen hot spring and a thousand-souvenir shop over 2 power spots derived from ancient times.
Now on sale at 1 sheets 1,500 yen (tax included)!

Yu Mizuki

Warm chicken

At Hirayama Onsen, we started selling Omikuji 'Warm Mizuki.' When immersing in hot spring (water) letters emerge. Let 's get in touch with God by soaking in a hot spring.
It is 1 times 300 yen (tax included).