"2019 Taiga Drama Iidon" The father of the Japanese marathon Kim, Kuri 4

"2019 Taiga Drama Iidon" The father of the Japanese marathon Kim, Kuri 4

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"2019 Taiga Drama Iidon" The father of the Japanese marathon Kim, Kuri 4

The 2019 year big tiger crown begins.

The birthplace is the first Japanese Olympian at Wadamisato (formerly Sanbawa Town) in the neighboring town.

It is said that the father of the Japanese marathon.


Mr. Kin Oguri established a world record of 3 degrees as a marathon player and participated in the 5 Olympic-Stockholm contest for the first time by the Japanese. In addition, I played the 7 Olympic Games with the 7 Antwerp Games and the 8 Paris Games and 3 degrees. Moreover, it is the idea of Mr. Shiho to be Japan's first ekiden "The Tokaido 52th Ekiden Ekiden" and now the New Year's funeral poetry and "Hakone Ekiden" gives a deep impression to people who do not have much relationship with athletics so often. In order to popularize marathon, we crossed through Shimonoseki - Tokyo, Karafuto, Tokyo, and Kyushu, and achieved nationwide competition. The distance that I ran in my life is 25 million kilometers - the earth 6 lap and 4 minutes - 1.

· The birth of four gold chestnuts

During the Meiji 24 year (1891) Meiji 24 year (1891) August 20 day, Mr. Shinhiko Father and Mother Shie who had been running a brewery at Spring Tomimura (formerly Wakami Town, 3} brothers' 7 eye was born.


He went on to Tamana Junior High School (now Tamana High School) in Meiji 38 year (1905) and lives in a dormitory (Tamana-gun Yutomi village, present Tamana-shi) in the school grounds. I was exempted from tuition fee as a special student with excellent results of 1, 2 class in class.

· Encounter with marathon games


· Stockholm Olympic competition

In the Meiji 45 year (1912), the first Olympic Games in the Olympic Games 5 times Stockholm tournaments were hit by a hot summer, 34 of marathoners 68 became a tough race to retire It was. Shirosan will also be abstained at the 26.7 kilometer point due to sunstroke.

· The missing Olympic runner

Shizo San, who was late at the start, will be the last to be at the end but overtook other players who have been tired afterwards and ranked up to 17, 18 place. However, shortly after the turnaround point, sudden fatigue attacked me. I try hard to keep running and keep running, but I do not hear what the body says. The inside of the head began to haze as a dull, finally leaving the course at 26.7 kilometer point, it disappeared into the forest.

After being helped by local people (Petre family), I did not return to the stadium and went straight to the lodgings. Therefore, it seems that the official abstention notice has not been delivered to the headquarters.

Thanks to this, players named Kin Chestnut 4 were told in Sweden as 'disappearing Japanese' and 'disappearing Olympic runners'.