Charm of Hirayama Onsenkyo

Charm of Hirayama Onsenkyo

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Attraction of Hirayama Onsen ~ Natural environment and spring quality ~

"Flat mountain" and write "Hirayama". In Kyushu, Kumamoto Yamaga's Okuzashiki "Hirayama Onsen Town".  

In the morning wake up with the birds singing, daytime in the sunshine full of light, take a walk with trees and flowers while loving it, and if you look up at night you can spread out the full starry sky and feel the romantic feeling of the sky from the ancient times.

In the beautiful satoyama landscape, soft natural hot water is overflowing like a cosmetic beauty liquid called "beauty skin noodle" from underground with its nature's clean water vein as a background.

The smooth skin feel wraps the whole body and the moist feeling that it remains for a while after the hot water heals you.

Hirayama Onsen hot spring facilities such as inns and family hot springs where you can enjoy the hot spring of skimming skin with sourced springs are dotted with more than 20 restaurants and we are waiting for everyone's visit.

Please, enjoy the high quality hot springs in a rich natural environment.



Story of Hirayama Onsen ~ Two Hot-open Water Legend ~

In recent years the number of facilities increased and it seems to be a new spa town, but old tradition has been handed down from about 1300 years ago, and the Sengoku warrior Kimoto Kiyomasa who ruled Higo (Kumamoto) even during the Edo period I was told that I visited.
We will introduce two stories remaining in Hirayama Onsenkyo, which has been cherished as a historic secret hot spring.

miryoku 01

First of all, from the story that is transmitted to "Higo country history".
Around the ninth year of the late Emperor Kanmu (ninety nine years), skin diseases such as scabies were prevalent around the village. A man could not cultivate a field, a woman could not wear a cotton cloth, life was not established due to starvation and cold, and people suffering from starvation were likely to appear.
The troubled villagers prayed to Aso Mamijin gently, that they are no longer sacrificed to the Shinto Buddha, there is no other thing to wear, and then take a relief bathing, "God, hopefully, save our sufferings."
I guess the prayer came through. Omigami opened up a high mountain, buried a deep valley, and a flat ground was made overnight. I bathed in hot water that gushed from there, the disease was cured soon and peaceful daily life returned.
People built a shrine in Maekawa (believed to be Hirayama Aso shrine), enshrined Aso Mamijin and decided to respect him as a guardian forever.
Since then, this place has become called "Hirayama".

Another story. It seems that this is about the Tensho year (157-1951).  
In the bamboo bushes of Sakurayama, on the west coast of Yuyama Town and Hirayama River, there was a small puddle in a sink near the riverbank.
The small rippling water surface is bluish, the fallen leaves floating on the spot, the spots drawn by the leaking sunlight, and the tree shadows appearing upside down were nothing to say.
On cold weather the steam rose a little, and in the summer there were sunshine with sulfur smell, but the villagers did not think that this was a hot spring.
One day, where a crane caught a hand was kept soaked in the puddle where he flew from. Was the scar healed without sunshine, the crane joyfully flew away.  
The villagers looked at this strange sight as "Hell yes!" When we looked into it, the puddle was "Onsen".
"It is the blessing of the heaven, I will dig it!" As we pushed forward with delightful voices, pleasant hot water sprang up abundantly, striking the concon and the pulse.

miryoku 02

40 degrees to 49 degrees
Alkaline simple sulfur spring, slight sweetness

It is rare that sulfur is contained in the hot springs around here, so Kato Kiyomasa has also been told that he cured it.

Rheumatism, neuralgia, neuritis, atopic dermatitis, post-treatment of traumatic disorders, movement disorders such as bone and joints

The melting hot water is soft around the hot water, and it calms the skin tightly after it goes up, and it is famous also as "hot water of beautiful skin".

Hirayama Onsen Tourist Association Tourist Association



The Hirayama Onsen Tourist Association is operated by members of the Hirayama Onsenkyo hot spring facility and peripheral stores. Since the office is located at the entrance to the Hirayama hot spring from Yamaga city area, it also serves as a tourist information office, so do not hesitate to drop in.

name Hirayama Onsen Tourist Association
tel 0968-44-0522
business hours 10:00 to 16:00 (irregular holiday)
location 〒 861-0556 Kumamoto ken Yamaga-shi Hirayama 5346-1