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Warm chicken

Yu Mizuki

Hirayama hot spring Warm chicken

At Hirayama Onsen, we sell Omikuji 'Warm Mizuki'.
"Waki Mizuki" is an interesting omikuji that is a little bit different, where Daikichi and Kokichi come up when attached to hot water.

Hirayama hot spring hot spring table (1 times) {1 yen (tax included)

How to Purchase

Because it sells all over Hirayama Onsen, please purchase it by all means while enjoying hot water tour.

About Omikuji

Omikuji, It is a message from God or Buddha.
If it is a good meaning to be written in Omikuji, like a guardian, if it is a bad meaning, take it as a commandment to yourself or take it as a reminder.
It seems to be good to read back when you do it.
This seems to have come from the fact that important things from God are carried around regardless of good faith.

Tie the Omikuji to the tree

It is meaningful to tie itself, this Connect with God It has been with.
"There are gods and spirits in the trees and it is said that wishes are tied firmly to the height of their vitality."

About hot wood knotted wood / wood loaf knot knot

Go up the stairs of Hirayama Aso Shrine and there is a "Kaki tree" on the right side, and the left hand also has the guidance of God, the god of encounters, the God of Saruta Hiko, who is also the god of encounter.


When the need for Omikuji is gone, let's rule it to a shrine or a temple with the meaning of gratitude. (It does not have to necessarily be where you pulled the Omikukuji)