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The village of Yodoyu called "Yuka no Okuzaki".

Welcome to Hiruyama Onsen, the Yuka no Okuzashiki. Why do not you spend a relaxing time at Himayama Onsen, a spa town full of hot springs.

Hirayama's power spot

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Hirayama Aso Shrine (Aso Gomiya) ASO Shrine

 "Hirayama Aso Shinto shrine" as the whole Hirayama Shrine is said to have been built with gratitude to Aso Mamijin, which is said to have cured skin diseases as it is described in the Hotaru legend, in the Meiji 41 year, "White Hair Shrine" It was enshrined with.

Every year, a harvest prayer worship worship sumo will be held at 9 / 15 because the god of the gray hair shrine Cai God is Nomi noctomo (nominoskane).

 "God" on the right side of the main hall was told that drinking in the river overnight at night, living with too much lively appearance in the past that "the villagers stopped the sculpture with a stake and made it not move" It is. 

A wonderful workmanship is a highlight! !

In addition, the god of guidance and the god of marriage, Salute Hika, who is also a god of marriage are enshrined in the left hand.


name Hirayama Aso Shrine
location  〒 861-0556 Hirayama Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture 5065
Yuyama Yakushido Front

Yuyama Yakushido Yuyama Yakushidou

 Although Yakushi Nyorai is a Buddha who is originally healing of sickness, Yuyama Yakushido of Hirayama Onsen is also a Buddha of spa guided by hot springs and spirit of spa and is believed by locals. Honjyo of Yakushido is a pharmacist Ryureiko Nyorai (Yakushi Rirei Noriyoshi) made in the second year of Kofu (1717), and Yuyama Pharmacist Juzo Buddha is also enshrined in the precincts. In addition, there are stone lanterns stating that Komyoshi and Toshimi of Edo Koishikawa had been built in the 12th anniversary of Bungo (1829), it seems that the name was known all over the country for a long time.

name Yuyama Yakushido
location 〒 861-0556 Kamamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama