Attractions around Hirayama

Attractions around Hirayama

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"Yamaka" where the history and culture from ancient times are colored

Hirayama Onsen is the home of Yamaka. Yamaka city area, which is less than 10 minutes by car, is colored by the tradition and culture nurtured by Kiryu [Kikuchigawa].
Since ancient times, it has prospered as a key point of Kyushu transportation, and as a post town, its breath has remained in the city even now, including the decorative burial mounds "Chibusan burial mound" and "Obsan burial mound" that represent Japan, and "Yama deer lantern" continuing from the Muromachi period. There are also many attractions such as traditional crafts and the playhouse "Yachiyoza" built by the masters of Yamakayu-cho over 100 years ago. Please take a walk before and after being relaxed at Hirayama Onsen.

An old-fashioned family house tells us about the good old days.


Buzen Highway BUZEN Highway

Starting from Higo, Kumamoto (Kumamoto City), we go northward, and we call the road leading from the trees and plants through Minamiseki to Buzen and Kokura (Kitakyushu City) as "Burzen Highway" in Kumamoto.
In the early modern times, these roads prospered as a change of place for work, prospered as a post town in Daimyo, and the unique industries and cultures of the area grew.
Yamaka, a hot water town, has prospered as a post town, a center of culture, and a solid navy remains in the city.

location 861-0501 mountain deer city mountain deer
Traffic access About 15 minutes from Kikusui IC

Playhouse built by artisans who inherited the architectural style of the Edo period.

Yachiyoza Yachioza

Yachiyoza (Yachiyoza) is a playhouse created by the businessmen of Yamaka, who are called the Masters, in the Meiji era (0).
It had a fulfilling function, such as a stage set using German-made rails in the classical style of the Edo period.
At that time, Yamaka was a logistics hub and a thriving hub of transportation.
Yachiyoza is a symbol of the richness of those days and was built as a place to enjoy high-level culture and entertainment. Currently, it is designated as a country designated important cultural property.

location 〒 861-0501 Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture Yamaga 1499
phone 0968-44-4004
business hours 9:00 to 17:30
※ The performance date is not open to the public. Please inquire in advance.
Regular holiday: The 2 Wednesday. New Year (12 / 29 to 1 / 1)
Traffic access 15 minutes by car from Kyushu Expressway Kikusui IC

Would you like to heal your traveling fatigue?


Nichirinji nitirinzi

In spring, Nichirin-ji is about 200 cherry blossoms from the end of the month 3 in the back of the mountain at an elevation of 142 m, and 3 10,000 5 thousand azaleas bloom from the middle of the 4 month. It stains red, white and pink (variety: Kurume, Yodogawa, and Satsuki). It is very crowded with many flower visitors and tourists at its best.

location Cape 861-0552 Yamaga Sugi 1607
Price free
Parking Lot About 100
business hours  

The oldest temple in the old Yamagamachi, where Ishimon is reminiscent of a foreign country.

Kongoje Temple and Ishimon Kongojoji & Ishimon

Gokoyama-Gongo-ji Temple was opened by Kukai during the Tennaku (824 to 834) years, and it was once called Konosan, which is a large building in the west.
The extant stone gate is a round gate made of tuff cut stone, which was built by masonry and Ekichi in the first year of culture (1804).
It was designated as a "special cultural property handicraft" of the city in January, Showa 50 2. The exotic design is familiar to the people of the town.

location 〒 861-0501 Yamaka Yamaka 1592
phone 0968-43-3539
Parking Lot 10台
business hours 8:00〜18:00
Traffic access About 15 minutes from Kyushu Expressway Kikusui IC to prefectural route 16 for Yamaka

The exhibition and production demonstration of Yamaka lanterns / The history and culture of Yamaka are transmitted.


Yamaka Toen Folk Art Museum Yamaga Toro Mingeikan

A traditional handicraft product called "Yanka lantern" made only with washi and small amount of glue without using wood and metal fittings, it has been made for long time and dedicated to Omiya Shrine.
Beginning with the golden lanterns of the Muromachi period, it has since then diversified into temples, halls, castles and so on in its long history. The mountain deer lanterns are displayed in the hall, and you can see the craftsmanship of various lanterns.

location 〒 861-0501 Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture Yamaka 1606-2
phone 0968-43-1152
business hours 開館:9:00~18:00
Traffic access (1) 60 minutes by bus from Kumamoto Station
(2) 15 minutes by car from Kikusui IC

It seems that the voice of an ancient person can be heard over a thousand years or more.

Chivsan burial mound Country designated historic site Chibusan Kofun


location Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture
phone 0968-43-1145
business hours Morning 10 pm, afternoon 2
Opening date: Opening day of Yamaga city museum (Closed on Monday, next day when Monday is a public holiday, New Year's holiday)

Nature healing spot


Yatani Valley Yatanikeikoku

About 30 minutes by car from Hirayama Onsen. A valley of about 2 km in Kikuka-cho. A valley surrounded by mountains is a popular spot in the area.
You can enjoy the eyes from the fresh green of early summer to the autumn leaves.
In summer, in particular, natural waterfalls and clear streams are crowded with families seeking coolness.
Complete with campsites, lodges and bungalows. There is also a dining area where you can taste Yamame dishes and a fishing moat, which you can enjoy all day long.

location 〒 861-0413 Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture Kikugacho Yatani
Traffic access 110 minutes by bus from Kumamoto Station

Guide navigates the history of Yamaka

US-US Xiamen tour Downtown Shomonkai Komekomesoumon Tour

Buzen Kaido that prospered as a route for changing work during the Edo period.
A tour to introduce the culture and history of Yamaka through sake breweries (Chiyo-no-en Shuzo) and Miso (Kiya honten) that will remain along the way.
Visiting historic buildings, as well as tasting alcohol, is a pleasure 1.

Entry fee 600 yen (with souvenir)
Good night Wednesday, 8 / 14 to 17, New Year holidays (Kiya main store / Chiyononoen Sake Brewing / Senbei Studio can be visited respectively)
Application Yamaga Onsen Tourism Association
TEL. 0968-43-2952
※ Please apply by the day before the tour participation (Cancellation by the day before. Cancellation on the day will receive 50% of the entry fee)

West Japan's largest amusement park


Greenland Greenland

It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Hirayama Onsen. "Green Land Resort" is a major resort area that attracts approximately 3 million people a year.
The hotel is located in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture, and has an excellent location in the center of Kyushu, with easy access from all over Kyushu.
In addition, based on the concept of "All the play is here!", Including the Greenland Amusement Park, two official hotels, the 36-hole Greenland Resort Golf Course, Yakiniku Nurbon Garden Arao, Bowling & Amusement "Pasca World ", Monaco Palace, natural green land hot spring Gyu No Yu, and shopping area" Green Smile Ichibankan "are all facilities that can be enjoyed casually.

location Midorioka, Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture 864-0033
phone  0968-66-1112
Parking Lot 30000台
Traffic access There is a large ferris wheel along the national road 344 line.