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A thousand bid

Megumi Senpa

Hirayama Onsen From within 13 hot springs, 2 baths Historically since ancient times Power spot 2 places It is Senka 's bidding over.
To 4 places, who are all about you, we will give you a souvenir though it is small.
There is also a gift available for those who have received "hit" for entry stickers.

Hirayama Onsen hot spring hot spring senka (1 sheets) {1 yen (tax included)

How to Purchase

Please purchase at Hirayama Onsen Tourist Association or hot spring participation facility.
Call confirmation is smooth before going ♪

How to use Hirayama Onsen hot spring hot spring senki

Hirayama Onsen hot spring hot spring senka How to use

  • one

    Purchase hot spring senka

    First, let's get a map of "Hirayama Onsenkyo" at the shop ♪
    Please also read the enclosed "Megumi Senshi Story Story".

  • Two

    Join a hot spring

    Go to hot spring of hot spring participation facility GO!
    Remove the entrance sticker stuck on the back of the Senjuisa in the shop and push the stamp.
    (Entry Seal 1 pieces, one person can take a bath in 1)

  • three

    Let's go to the power spot

    Power spot 2 places "Hirayama Aso shrine (Aso Shoguya)" "Yuyama Yakushido", worship the stamp in the wooden bid.
    The order of hot springs and power spots is OK as you like ♪

  • four

    A souvenir ♪ when all four stamps are complete

    For those completing four stamps, we will give you a small gift (a souvenir) though it is modest.
    We will give you a gift when you have four thousand company tickets with "Completed" by peeling off the entrance seal on those who completed the four.

    [Gifts (Souvenir) · Gifts exchange place (holiday)]
    Flora (Thu) · Yamato Ryokan (Thu) · Yuzura (No. 2 Fire) · Kadoya (1st and 2th Wed) · Flower Series (3rd and 4th Tues ·) Hirayama Onsen Tourist Association (irregular holiday)

Participation facilities for hot springs

Call confirmation is smooth before going ♪

Name of facilityStreet addressphone number
Now unevenKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 41560968-43-8821
Iki IkusaKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 4995-10968-43-1013
Okuyama Shika OnsenKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 2350968-44-0588
KadoyaKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 282-10968-43-3203
Suyama OnsenKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 56-20968-43-5175
Seto NoyuKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 5621-20968-43-7811
Hanano BandaiKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 49980968-44-0887
Hirayama Onsen MasuYamaka Hirayama 2560968-43-2041
floraKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 52350968-44-5888
MegumisoKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 53000968-44-0830
Yamato RyokanKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 2110968-43-8255
Yu no KuraKumamoto prefecture Yamaga-shi Hirayama 5255-20968-43-4070

Power spot

Please go over the power spot of 2 places.

miryoku 01

Hirayama Aso Shrine (Aso Gomiya) ASO Shrine

"Hirayama Aso Shinto shrine" as the whole Hirayama Shrine is said to have been built with gratitude to Aso Mamijin, which is said to have cured skin diseases as it is described in the Hotaru legend, in the Meiji 41 year, "White Hair Shrine" It is enshrined.

As this gray hair shrine 's talented god Cai God is Nomi noctomo (nominoskne), a harvest prayer worship sumo is being held 9 / 15 every year.

 "God" on the right side of the main hall was said to have drunk in the river overnight at night as a life resounded in a form that was too vivid and long ago "The villagers stopped sculptures and prevented them from moving" ing. 

A wonderful workmanship is a highlight! !

In addition, the monkey Takahiko is enshrined next to the main hall. Takahiko Saruga God is also a guided god and a god of marriage.

Yuyama Yakushido

Yuyama Yakushido Yuyama Yakushidou

Although Yakushi Nyorai is a Buddha who is originally healing of sickness, Yuyama Yakushido of Hirayama Onsen is also a Buddha of spa guided by hot springs and spirit of spa and is believed by locals. Honjyo of Yakushido is a pharmacist Ryureiko Nyorai (Yakushi Rirei Noriyoshi) made in the second year of Kofu (1717), and Yuyama Pharmacist Juzo Buddha is also enshrined in the precincts. In addition, there are stone lanterns stating that Komyoshi and Toshimi of Edo Koishikawa had been built in the 12th anniversary of Bungo (1829), it seems that the name was known all over the country for a long time.